Jane Azul – Alexander Technique Bendigo

Jane Azul
Alexander Technique Bendigo

Jane’s yoga journey started over two decades ago when she joined a yoga class taught by an Alexander Technique teacher, because she wanted to be more active. She knew nothing about the Alexander Technique, but was pleased to discover that it is a really useful way of learning how to improve posture and coordination, manage stress, and make lots of things more fun.

She got so excited about the Alexander Technique she decided to train as a teacher, qualifying in Melbourne in 2007. She went on to do further training as a Yoga Teacher with the International Yoga Teachers Association. She has years of experience teaching yoga to a wide range of students, including people with pre-existing injuries and conditions which impact on their yoga practice.

Jane lives and works in Bendigo. She loves introducing people to the Alexander Technique and teaching monthly Alexander Yoga workshops.




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January 31, 2018