Wendy Lim (Yoga Hara)

Wendy Lim (Yoga Hara)

Wendy first discovered Yoga in high school and did not realise how lucky she was to have private yoga classes for almost 3 years. Studying Engineering and Science at university she got caught up in the stress and excitement of a new chapter in her life and didn’t practise for 6 years. She often thought about Yoga fondly but had convinced herself at the time that she didn’t have the time or money. Which was true but not true at the same time.

Once she had finished studying and started working full time as a professional engineer, she finally gave herself permission to start practicing Yoga again. “Getting back into yoga was like coming home. It was such a deep profound experience of peace that just enveloped me often during and after the class and I realised how much I had missed it from my life. So I decided to make a promise to myself that I would find a way to keep yoga going on in my life”. That’s when she started exploring the idea of Yoga Teacher Training just to learn more about this deep feeling of peace she was experiencing from yoga.

Driven by her curiosity, she wanted to know if there is a way to guide people to this place, because she thought that would be an amazing thing to share. “To open up that door for people. A peaceful sanctuary that exists in everyone that very few people even realise. So I think that deep peaceful place for me was accessed through Relaxation, at the very end of the class in shavasana and I think that peaceful place I experienced was Purusha. So if I can lead people to Purusha within themselves during a class that would bring so much happiness to me”.

She is continuously learning and has completed a Diploma in Yoga Teaching through the Academy of Yoga Learning in 2016, explored mental health through the lens of eastern and western psychology in the Yoga Psychology Training Program with Michael de Manincor and Janet Lowndes and has completed First Aid and Mental Health First Aid Training in 2017. Wendy enjoys teaching one on one yoga and can be reached on her website, www.ptforthemind.com


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January 17, 2018