Swami Prema Ananda (Inner Cor)

Swami Prema Ananda (Inner Cor)

Swami Prema Ananda Inner Cor Yoga. Swami Prema Ananda has been trained by Australia’s most well-known Yogis Roma Blair and Joy McIntosh. Because of her intense training has chosen to dedicate the past 40 year of her life to Hatha Yoga. Her teachings, research and experience in the science of Hatha yoga are second to none. Through her dedication and diligence has created a skills to “just know” what her students need, physically and mentally. Because of this, Swami Prema Ananda is a sort after presenter and teacher as an expert in the field of Age Care Yoga.

She has, over the past 18 years, chosen to share her vast knowledge by training Yoga Teachers and encourages qualified teachers to study post graduate course such as: Aged Care Yoga, Children’s Yoga, rehabilitation chair yoga at her Inner Cor Yoga Academy, believing that Hatha Yoga is one of the best yoga practises to achieve peace, calm, strength and most importantly living a “whole mind and body experience.”

From a student: “Swami Prema Ananda is physically and mentally flexible, youthful, and has a dynamic personality, and not to mention her vast knowledge, which makes learning from her an exciting experience which is also fun. Thank you Swami” N.W


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January 16, 2018