Peta Hawker (Yogahara)

Peta Hawker (Yogahara)

Peta first began dabbling with yoga in 2011. As a writing student with a tendency to disappear into her head, Peta discovered that yoga could bring her back down to earth and back into her own body – an experience that truly surprised and astounded her. The opportunity to be truly present and alive in each moment saw Peta turn to yoga as a regular grounding practice.

Due to having hypermobile joints, Peta has developed a passion for body awareness, alignment and containment. Peta loves teaching and hopes to aid students in developing mindfulness both on and off the mat. She is currently undertaking the Diploma of Yoga Teaching through the Academy of Yoga Learning and in 2015 completed her Yin Yoga Teacher Training through Yoga213. She is a registered level I Yoga Australia member.


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January 17, 2018