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Natasha Hayward (Senior Instructor, Fire Shaper Australia)

Natasha Hayward (Senior Instructor, Fire Shaper Australia)

Natasha Charlotte has been practicing personally for 13 years and teaching for around 10

As senior instructor for Fireshaper Australia Natasha facilitates all group class styles as well has sharing her passions within Teacher Training modules : 200hr TT, 100hr flow TT & 50hr Yin TT

Natasha is blessed to have worked, trained and aligned with some of yogas most influential gurus, almost ten years ago her first significant teacher was Mark Whitwell – Heart Of Yoga ~ who she remains friends with today. He grounded her love for honest practice of classical Hatha breath body mutuality,
Subsequently she has trained with
Simon Morocco ( Iyengar Yoga )
Simon Borg Oliver ( Ashtunga )
Duncan Peak ( PLAY power living yoga )
Duncan Peak Yin Yoga ( Paul Grilley )
Dr John Surie ( Fireshaper )
& most recently
Cameron Shayne & Melayne Shayne
( Budokon Yoga )

If you were to ask Natasha personally where her passions lie, then her speciality would be Flow Yoga and transitional movement. Natasha loves to create and teach intelligent sequence that encourages dance like movement with breath embodied in form to become like liquid.


Posted on

July 31, 2017