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Madelaine Fisher (Urban Yoga)

Madelaine Fisher (Urban Yoga)

Madelaine’s teachings allow you to build strength and resilience, being challenged in a safe way so you can develop a few extra tools for your belt to take out into life. Perhaps the key feature of Madelaine’s classes though is a deep, soothing, restorative relaxation at the end, leaving you feeling truly rejuvenated and invigorated afterwards.

“Urban Yoga allows each and everyone of us to move with balance, grace and strength in amongst the chaos of our modern world. In a world where we wake up tired every day, stressed & rushing around on a daily basis, caffeine-fuelled, digitally-saturated, and demands left, right and centre, Urban Yoga is the path to reversing the impacts of stress and being truly healthy and happy”.

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July 13, 2017