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Lynn Montgomery

Lynn Montgomery

Lynn, a Coff’s Coast based meditation teacher, has been cultivating a spiritual practice  through yoga, meditation and qigong for 30 years.  A student of Zen at Green Gulch Farm in California for 10 years and 15 years of Vipassana practice with Bhante Yasala of Santipada Monastery.  She has completed numerous meditation retreats around the world, ranging from 10 days to 5 months in length, and has also edited two manuscripts on Insight Meditation techniques and Psychology of Vipassana for the Sati Arama Centre in South Korea. Her peaceful presence and practical approach will support you in beginning and sustaining a meditation practice.

Since 2000, Lynn has also been practicing holistic healthcare, working one-on-one with clients to help them achieve a balanced body and mind through Zen Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine.


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August 3, 2017