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Essential Oils (Anastasia)

Essential Oils (Anastasia)
Anastasia lives her passion every day to help people wake up and know they can create the life they WANT to live and be in their natural state of joy and bliss; to come out of scarcity and step into peace and contribution, leading the way for world peace. Anastasia weaves absolute magic and healing into people’s lives through teaching them about how to use these powerful and potent essential oils, meditation, food and consciousness to support their physical, emotional and spiritual health. For Anastasia and the thousands of lives she has touched, its the ultimate “pay it forward” way of living. She is now fulfilling her dreams in a way that supports her to be present, raising her beautiful family and help others to do the same. She sees that changing even just one life creates an immense ripple effect and she makes it her mission to connect, support and inspire on a heart-level that can be received by anyone.

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January 17, 2018