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Jade Weatherill – Rainbow Tree Books

Jade Weatherill – Rainbow Tree Books
Rainbow Tree is a children’s book written with the intention to help kids connect to the earth, them selves and others’. To become more relaxed, centred and grounded so they can concentrate, have reduced stress and calmer nervous systems. Away from modern technology.
Within the story, they learn about the four seasons, four directions, colours of the rainbow. Along with basic life lessons like patience, purpose, strength, courage, compassion, kindness, guidance and intuition. Included at the end, is a guided colour visualisation meditation which connects the reader to the sky and earth while learning how to protect themselves energetically and physically – an important life tool which many of us never had the opportunity to learn as kids.

This book was gifted to Jade by her spirit guides one evening on Tuesday 2nd August 2016. The idea came to me whilst trying to sleep, it was so strong I had to get up and write it and knew this was going to be a very healing book for our children of the rainbow tribe and the new world we are entering into. The idea is for teachers and parents to read the book as an educational tool or life skill to teach the children. After reading the book, they are left with a tool of protection, which they can easily use anytime through out their life.


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July 12, 2017